The Cursed Diamond by David Goutcher is one of the first books in the world to incprporate Augmented Reality triggers that allow the reader to read the book and watch the movie at the same time. 

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In the dark amusement arcades of the 1980s, a new game is discreetly appearing - Polybius. It’s addictive fun... but the machine mysteriously disappears as swiftly as it arrived. So too does the one kid who claimed the highest ever score... never to be heard from again…


Over thirty years later, computer games have moved on - but the players are as keen as ever. SAM RAYNER is one such boy. His dreams of being a professional gamer, a virtual athlete on a million dollar contract - dreams that are scoffed by his twin sister, REBECCA. She secretly enjoys playing games, but would never openly admit that to her “geeky” brother -- that is until Sam wins an online competition, giving the entire family a free holiday at a luxury hotel.


But it’s not just a chance for his family to take a pampered break, it’s a special games tournament and a chance for Sam to chase his dream. Or that’s what he thinks - until he discovers a game has been mysteriously downloaded to his mobile phone. A game called Polybius - a name from the darkest reaches of urban legends.


The game is a recruitment tool that secret branches of the world’s governments have developed to train the very best child spies. A foreign power, envious of the project, has abducted Rebecca.


Andy has rebooted the TARZAN franchise for a whole new generation... As well as Tarzan he is the author of the HERO.COM series and the VILLAIN.NET anti-series for Young Adults. He is working as a screenwriter on numerous movies and TV shows both in the US and around the world and is also moving to the other side of the table by tackling the new role as a producer with several movies in development. 

All publishing enquiries should be directed to;

Polybius Publishing 

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East Kilbride

UK G75 9GS


Tel.  +44 (0) 1355 570596


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