Hotels & Resorts

We have established and developed strategic alliances in 86 countries and covering 26 languages with global partners such as Starwood, Wyndham, Hilton, Four Seasons, Jumeirah, Center Parcs and Fairmont. 

We take the hassle out of entertainment and provide a unique solution to keep families engaged during the duration of their stay. Simply provide guests with their code name and password and let them enjoy exploring the grounds as they solve problems, crack codes and find clues in a series of 8 missions which make up each game.

Guests can choose to play when it suits them and can also take as long as they like between missions as the mission doesn't start until they accept the next mission.


Choose from a selection of our generic story lines below or perhaps even create one of your own. 

  • CURSED DIAMOND - The Hope Diamond is one of the world's most famous diamonds, previously owned by Marie Antoinette it is now available to view in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. Or is it ?
  • BULLION HEIST - Millions of pounds worth of Gold bullion, stolen by the plundering Nazis in WWII, has been discovered during an archaeological dig in Eastern Europe.  In a secret deal orchestrated by a shadowy government department, the money is to be transferred to Government coffers in the UK in exchange for some classified secrets... 
  • KINGS RANSOM Treasure buried by Robin Hood would almost certainly be hidden nearby in Sherwood Forest and would be one of the finest discoveries in English history.  King Richard I, who was also known as Richard the Lionheart, was King of England between 1189 and 1199. The Third Crusade was an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin. King Richard was known to return safely after signing a treaty with Saladin on 2nd September 1192 by which Jerusalem would remain under Muslim control, but which also allowed unarmed Christian pilgrims to visit the city. The British Royal family has been sent an email demanding £5,000,000 for the whereabouts of treasure stolen by Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham. The email states that the sender is a descendant of Will Scarlet and that the treasure was hidden by Robin Hood in order to pay a ransom to Saladin for the safe return of King Richard I during the Third Crusade in 1192.
  • INTERCEPTION The SSC team infiltrate the school to try to uncover clues that will lead them to the kidnapped students - but the adventure will take them around the world and into the prelude of a war! 
  • RACE DAY What a perfect prize - a day at the Formula One races in Monaco!  But the prize is just a cover to get the SSC agents behind the scenes at the races to discover which of the international drivers is in fact a spy who is trading valuable engineering secrets - secrets that can be traded to developing nations to create an intercontinental missile... 
  • SILICON HAZARD The unveiling of new form of computer processor has secret agents from across the globe scurrying to discover its secrets.  Our young SSC agents are placed in the hotel and convention centre were anybody could be an enemy agent - and most of them are - but who?Things take a disastrous turn for the worse when the processor is stolen.  SSC intelligence suggests that it is still on the premises, but the agents only have a matter of hours to find it before the enemy duplicate the technology... 
  • ART THIEFThe National Gallery is showing a Da Vinci painting that has recently been discovered.  The SSC quickly discovers that the painting was intentionally hidden because of a secret code buried within it.  What is more, additional guardians of the painting have added to the fine artwork, embedding extra codes that reveal a secret that could topple governments across Europe.


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